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It's the simplest and most essential compass: its only purpose is to find north. Practical and lightweight, you can attach it anywhere!

This little oil-filled compass is practical and compact! Lightweight and easy to carry with a snap hook so you can attach it anywhere!

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Products benefits


Compass with a precise and quick universal needle

Easy transport

Attach your compass to your bag with its snap hook!


Lightweight aluminium compass: It only weighs 16 g!

Technical information

Make sure the compass is flat when using it:

Your compass must be flat to detect the magnetic north correctly. For example, place your compass in the palm of your hand. When using a map, place the compass on the map on a flat surface.

What if your compass loses its bearings?

Use your compass away from magnetic sources or it could lose its bearings: high-voltage power lines, mobile phones, keys, metal objects, etc. Even another compass might affect the direction!

Simple and reliable

It isn't a toy! It is as reliable as a high-end compass. The difference with other compasses in the range lies in the additional features: the size of the dial, readability and speed.


2 years


0.016 kg

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Metallic structure 100% Aluminium Frame 100% Polymethyl Methacrylate

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