Cross Training And Bodybuilding Hex Dumbbell 5 kg

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Use this 5 kg hexagonal dumbbell to perform a wide variety of exercises designed to tone and firm your body.

Ergonomic knurling for a better grip and a rubber coating to cushion the dumbbell on the ground. Try out new workouts with the Freeletics app!

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Products benefits


variety of exercises based on its shape: weight training and functional workouts

Ergonomic grip

Knurled handle for improved grip. Ergonomic grip.


Shape specifically designed for the dumbbell to drop on the floor


The rubber base won't scratch your floors.


Let the Freeletics app coach you to meet your goals.


Cross Training And Bodybuilding Hex Dumbbell 5 kg
Cross Training And Bodybuilding Hex Dumbbell 5 kg
Cross Training And Bodybuilding Hex Dumbbell 5 kg
Cross Training And Bodybuilding Hex Dumbbell 5 kg
Cross Training And Bodybuilding Hex Dumbbell 5 kg
Cross Training And Bodybuilding Hex Dumbbell 5 kg

Technical information

What makes this dumbbell a must-have

An incredible grip: with its knurled steel handle, you can enjoy a solid grip throughout your workouts!
Tough as nails: the handle's electro-galvanized finish guarantees optimal durability over time.
Perfectly safe: the rubber coating absorbs impacts if you accidentally drop it, providing peace of mind while training

Dumbbell Description

Diameter of the contour grip handle: 3.5 cm
Your dumbbell weighs 5 kg.

This dumbbell is sold individually.

Why use dumbbells to train?

This hexagonal dumbbell offers a unique alternative to the barbell, creating a beneficial imbalance that stimulates muscle building. Ideal for intensifying your cross-training movements such as push presses, front squats or cleans & jerks!

Why does the dumbbell have a rubber exterior and hexagon shape?

Following your feedback, we have improved this dumbbell by giving it 6 sides: problems with rolling on the ground are a thing of the past.
Its rubber coating offers maximum impact protection and reduces impact noise.

Its ergonomic handle, with an anti-slip zone and curved shape, ensures a perfect grip.

Be careful when dropping the dumbbell

For trouble-free use, combine this hexagonal dumbbell with our rubber tiles (Part no. : 8651539). So you can lay it down safely, without the risk of damaging your floors.

Storing and maintaining your dumbbell

To keep your floor in good condition, store your dumbbell indoors, on rubber tiles (Part no: 8651539). This protects your floor from any potential damage caused by the dumbbell. Alternatively, you can store it on a storage rack for bars and weights (Part no. : 8788246).

To keep your dumbbell looking as good as new, wipe it down with a clean cloth.

What makes the Freeletics app appealing?

Freeletics is your personal digital coach, using AI and sports science to create customised plans to suit your level and your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or get in shape, with or without equipment, Freeletics can adapt a programme. Create your own workouts from hundreds of exercises, track your progress, set challenges, and even more.

Tips from our coach (2/2)

For each exercise, start with the minimum number of repetitions (be careful to avoid failure and do 2 repetitions less than your maximum), then increase by one repetition per week until you reach the maximum number of repetitions. Then increase the weight.

For more of a challenge, you can incorporate running between your rounds or reduce, or even eliminate, rest. Feel free to increase your loads.

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Frame 100% Iron Handle 100% Steel Protection cover 80% Dry Styrene Butadiene Rubber, 20% Butadiene Rubber


Do not store directly on the ground, but choose a protective mat to prevent damage to your floor.

Approved By

Our HEX DUMBBELLS have been developed, tested and approved in collaboration with cross training coaches in a professional environment.

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