Distance 100 Golf Ball x12 - Yellow

Product Code : 122085 8402428

We designed this ball for beginner golfers who want to discover the game of golf on the course.

Ideal to enjoy yourself during your first rounds on the course without overspending.

Color : YELLOW

Distance 100 Golf Ball x12 - Yellow
Distance 100 Golf Ball x12 - Yellow
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    Products benefits


    Complies with maximum ball flight distance standards in the rules of the game


    This ball provides a hard touch.

    Ball control

    This ball offers moderate grip on the green.


    Surlyn provides the outer shell of the ball with moderate resistance.

    Technical information

    Why play with a Distance 100 ball?

    For beginners (from unranked to handicap 30), the Inesis DISTANCE 100 ball is ideal for enjoying your first rounds on the course without overspending. We recommend it for players who hit plenty of balls astray on each round. It available in white as well as in yellow for those spot this colour better.

    Technical features

    Construction: Two-piece
    Cover: Surlyn (Ionomer)
    Core: Rubber
    Compression: 95
    Number of dimples: 440

    Why are we cheaper?

    At Inesis, we don't want to make golfers pay for anything that doesn’t improve their game. Which is why we do our best to cut out the middlemen in the production and distribution of our balls.
    We don’t sponsor tournaments, pro players or invest in spendy marketing campaigns.
    We offer our balls at the fairest price to the golfer.

    Care instructions

    Clean your golf ball as often as possible, ideally between shots (tee-off and before putting). Frequently inspect your golf ball to check it is in good condition, to guarantee best ball flight and greater accuracy.


    2 years


    Product concept & technology

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