Dual Bike Hand Pump

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We designed this pump so that your tyres stay aired up during all your rides on roads.

After a light pump? You're in the right place! With its dual, screw-in inflation head and small size, this road pump offers optimal efficiency.

Color: black

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Products benefits

Compact design

Weight: 97 g Size: 20 cm Small, can be slipped into any pocket.

Easy transport

Comes with a mount that attaches to the bottle cage and a velcro strap.


Inflate up to: 8 bars/116 PSI (Road, Hybrid, City, & Kids' bike tyres).

Locking mechanism

Lock-Unlock System: your pump stays closed during your ride.

Ease of use

Dual head inflation valve makes it easy to screw in and connect to the valve.

Technical information

A very light weight piece

It's even smaller than a handkerchief: 97g and 20cm long

Small and large valves

Connects to all types of valve (Presta, Schrader, Dunlop) by screwing in.
Adapts using the dual head.

How to use your pump

1) Select the connector that matches your inner tube valve (black: large valve (Schrader) and grey: thin valve (Presta).
2) Fully screw the head onto the valve.
3) Unscrew the handle rotating it to the left.
4) Inflate to the desired pressure.


We guarantee our products for 2 years.

More About Product

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Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Grip 100% Aluminium Metallic structure 100% Polyamide


To give you the best product, numerous tests are conducted before your pump reaches stores.
From research to store aisle, we listen, observe and have you try out our products.
Our models were tested and approved by many cyclists, helping us to choose the best materials and technologies to give you a reliable product.


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