FBRA Longzip C1

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A moderate-support sports bra that's ideal for sports with medium impact on the bust, such as dancing, fitness, cycling, etc.

With its breathable fabric, you can work out without worrying about feeling damp because of perspiration. The self-locking zip at the front of the bra means you can put it on and take it off easily.

Color: frozen brown

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Products benefits

Breast support

Moderate support, suitable for medium-impact sports.

Freedom of movement

A muscle back to free up the shoulder blades for freedom of movement.

Moisture management

The breathable fabric keeps you dry while you work out.

Easy dressing

A zip at the front for easy donning and doffing.

Technical information

What types of activity is this bra's level of support suitable for?

The sports bra has been validated as providing a moderate level of support. This means it's suitable for all medium-impact sports: cycling, hiking, gym, dance, rollerskating, skiing, etc.

How can you stay dry with the zip-up sports bra?

To feel good while you work out, you need to make sure your outfit is comfy.And for us, staying dry even when you're exerting yourself is part of the definition of comfort.
We've opted for a fabric that wicks away perspiration and dries quickly. So you can exert yourself as much as you like. You'll stay dry throughout your workout.

What makes this zipped sports bra particularly comfy?

We've added what's needed to this sports bra to give it maximum comfort. The length of the sports bra means that the chest is fully covered and protected during sport. The built-in pads and the elasticity of the fabrics make the bra more comfy to wear.
We've also opted for glued seams with flat finishes for greater comfort, especially when lying down. This also reduces chafing.

How can you be sure that the front zip won't open while you work out?

For a sports bra that's easy to put on and take off, we've included a front zip. Rest assured, it's self-locking.So it can't open while you work out.
Our advice for optimum use of the zip:zip up and press the slider to lock the zip.

Why is it important to protect your breasts during exercise?

While exercising, your breasts, which are fragile and supported almost exclusively by skin, experience much more stress than in everyday life. No matter your cup size or age, they're subjected to movements and bouncing that can create a force of up to five times their weight. Wearing a sports bra offers the support, comfort and protection your breasts need. It protects your chest from impacts, pain and premature sagging.

What are the support levels offered by Decathlon's sports bras?

Our bras are tested in our labs using a breast support test that measures the decrease in the breasts' acceleration during sports. They are then rated on a scale of 1 to 5: 1 for light support, 3 for medium support and 5 for high support.

Which level of support do you need for which activity?

Your bra's level of support should be suitable for the activity you're doing. Our range consists of three levels:
- Level 1: light support for activities that cause gentle breast movement (yoga, Pilates, stretching, strength training, golf, walking)
- Level 3: medium support for activities that cause a moderate level of bounce (cycling, dance, fitness, cardio training)
- Level 5: high support for activities involving intensive movements (hiit, running, tennis, team sports, horse riding).

Choosing the right sports bra size

If your sports bra fits well, you can be confident that it will support your chest and be comfortable. To help you choose, use our online size guide, located above the size selection.

How are Decathlon's sports bras designed?

Decathlon's sports bras are created by our team of experts to optimise your comfort and avoid health problems.We don't use underwiring as it can cause injuries and compress the lymph nodes. There are no seams over the nipples to reduce the risk of rubbing. We prioritise fabrics that wick away perspiration to keep you comfortable and make it much less likely your skin will become irritated.

How to look after your zip-up sports bra

This bra is designed for intensive sports use and can be washed and rewashed. Wash it at no more than 30°C, and use our laundry bag, which is sold separately (ref. 8505236).
Use liquid detergent rather than powder, and do not use softeners. Softeners could ruin the fabric's breathability.
Do not tumble dry.

Product concept & technology


SUPPORT: the level of support is tested and approved at the Decathlon laboratory by measuring breast movement. Each size is tested individually.
PERSPIRATION WICKING: the perspiration-wicking test is performed on each material, in the lab, to make sure that the fabric absorbs moisture and wicks it from the inside to the outside so that it can evaporate.
WASHING: the washing and drying tests ensure that the product retains its shape and colour.

Approved By

This product has been tested at the Decathlon laboratory to check its levels of support. Then a panel of female testers tried it out during an indoor sports session (protocolled use test) to confirm its ease and comfort during sporting activities. They carried on using the product for another 6 months before giving it the final thumbs up.

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