Foldable Treadmill Initial Run

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Comfort and connectivity combine to give you a new running experience. Its ideal compactness will let it fit in well in your home.

Want to limit bulk without compromising on performance? The Initial Run combines connectivity, simple design and compact folding.

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Products benefits


Make progress, with its adjustable speed from 1 to 12 km/h

User comfort

Running deck is 45 cm wide and 120 cm long.


Programmes available using the Domyos E-Connected app


Compatible with Domyos E-Connected and third-party Kinomap and Zwift apps

Compact design

Compact folding - horizontal or vertical storage.

Assembly time

Product pre-assembled - no assembly needed.


Foldable Treadmill Initial Run
Foldable Treadmill Initial Run
Foldable Treadmill Initial Run
Foldable Treadmill Initial Run
Foldable Treadmill Initial Run
Foldable Treadmill Initial Run
Foldable Treadmill Initial Run
Foldable Treadmill Initial Run
Foldable Treadmill Initial Run

Technical information


Folded dimensions (vertical):L 63 x W 40 x H 146 cm
Folded dimensions (horizontal): L 146 x W 63 x H 40 cm
Unfolded dimensions: L 149 x W 63 x H 127 cm
Weight: 41.7 kg

Box dimensions: 158 X 71 X 20 cm
Box weight: 48.7 kg


Walking and running are ideal ways of getting fit, maintaining your physical fitness level, slimming your figure and improving your cardiovascular capabilities.
From weather to pollution and family life, overcome the obstacles that get in your way and reach your goals more easily!

Domyos Initial Run exclusivity

The Initial run treadmill was designed to combine comfort when in use and easy storage when not in use.
Its ergonomic remote control allows you to modulate your pace easily without disturbing your training. Once the workout is over, the treadmill can be folded in two steps to make it perfectly compact and easy to store behind your door or under your sofa.

Domyos Initial Run Console

The Initial Run treadmill is equipped with a compact console with a backlit LCD screen for good visibility: time, distance, speed, calories burnt.The 12 km/h maximum speed is easily adjustable using the 2 shortcut buttons, the + and - buttons and the remote control provided with the treadmill.


To get interactive content and shake up your training, the Initial Run treadmill is compatible with the Domyos E-Connected app, but also Kinomap and Zwift apps.
The DOMYOS app lets you set weekly or monthly challenges, record your workouts, create your own training programmes, and activate compatibility with third-party apps - all for free!


Tested at its maximum speed of 12 km/h for a maximum weight of 100 kg, the Initial Run's motor power is 1 HP and 1000 -1100 watts.

Domyos sizes all of the electrical components based on the treadmill's maximum capacities, to ensure the best user experience and a reasonable electrical consumption. All of our treadmills are tested in the laboratory for 600 hours non-stop to ensure the integrity of their components.


The Initial Run treadmill is equipped with a heartrate receptor, compatible with a Bluetooth belt.


Silence is an essential criterion that we carefully consider when developing our products. We strive to reduce the noise our treadmills make so they are more enjoyable for both users and those around them.
The Initial Run treadmill has been measured at 53 dB at its maximum speed of 10km/h.


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2 years (parts and labour). 5 years (metallic frame). Spare parts available for 10 years.


Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Frame 100% Steel Protection cover 75% Polystyrene, 25% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Board for surf 40% Copper, 35% Steel, 10% Brass, 10% Epoxy Resin, 5% Aluminium Packaging 85% Cellulose, 10% Polystyrene, 5% Polyester


Wipe it with a damp cloth after use.
Stores vertically or horizontally. Easy to move in both directions.
Store in a dry place where it won't get dusty.

User Restrictions

Maximum user weight: 100 kg. Home training 5 hours a week.

Maintenance advice

To clean with a wet cloth..

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