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Inflatable Bodyboard Air 100 - Blue Innovation


Designed for beginner bodyboarders who need a compact (transport) and easy board. Suitable for intermediate practice. Waves <1m. Fins recommended. One size

Innovative inflatable bodyboard. Surprising, thanks to its bag, pump and a single size suitable for everyone, its reduced size, good glide and ease of handling. Wrist leash included.

Questions & answers
Color: Petrol blue
Size: Size Guide

Designed for beginner bodyboarders who need a compact (transport) and easy board. Suitable for intermediate practice. Waves <1m. Fins recommended. One size

Innovative inflatable bodyboard. Surprising, thanks to its bag, pump and a single size suitable for everyone, its reduced size, good glide and ease of handling. Wrist leash included.

Questions & answers

Products benefits

Compact design

Can be compacted to 20 L. The watertight bag is for fins, ponchos or wetsuits.

Ease of use

The bag is a pump. Inflation <1min. Button valve.One size. Leash included.


Double laminate fabric, sealed and bonded. Internal stiffeners. Repairable.

Sleeping quality

Inflatable structure with soft edges and a comfy deck.


The larger volume than a foam board provides greater buoyancy.


Inflatable Bodyboard Air 100 - Blue Innovation
Inflatable Bodyboard Air 100 - Blue Innovation
Inflatable Bodyboard Air 100 - Blue Innovation
Inflatable Bodyboard Air 100 - Blue Innovation

Technical information

One size / Dimensions

This bodyboard is suitable for bodyboarders between 1.45 m and 1.85 m tall. Of the same size as conventional foam bodyboards, making it more buoyant and stable.
Compact version in a bag: 60cm x 25cm x 13cm
Inflated version: 98cm x 56cm x 9cm

At RADBUG, we design products for 4 levels: Novice, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

- Novices: Up to the navel, no fins, small waves < 50 cm, propulsion by pushing your feet on the ground and riding the wave to the shore. For a 1st wave-riding experience (bodyboard with grips).
- Beginner: Gentle turns in waves up to 1 m, propulsion with fins. A must for learning to bodyboard.
- Intermediate: Waves up to 1.50 m, more speed and the beginning of tricks (360 °, El Rollo, etc.).
- Advanced: All types of waves, command of tricks, even aerial: ARS, 360°, tube...

This bodyboard is designed for use by beginners in waves up to 1 metre high. Also for intermediate bodyboarders.

In these conditions, no need to duck (dive under the waves), because the volume and the build of the board let you ride over the waves.
The internal stiffeners provide good stiffness, whilst also offering a comfy deck and soft edges for greater comfort.
This surprising bodyboard offers a great glide and is easy to handle. Intermediate users can even do tricks: 360°, El Rollo, etc.

Product composition

This 100 inflatable bodyboard is made up of the following parts:
- 35L dry bag that is also an inflation pump
- Connection hose for inflation
- Adjustable strap with a buckle to keep the bodyboard rolled up
- Instructions attached to the bag
The bag can also hold the following items (not included): A pair of fins, a poncho and a neoprene wetsuit.
The bag is equipped with a shoulder strap for added convenience.

Did you know? The use of fins lets you catch 2 to 3 times more waves!

When the water is higher than your belly button, it is very complicated to catch waves without fins. You can no longer push off with your feet, and paddling with your arms is often not enough.
We have observed that with fins, you will catch 2 to 3 times more waves and have more fun!
Fins allow you to move faster and considerably increase propulsion when taking take-off.
Fins: Do not forget!

The correct position on the bodyboard, guarantees a good ride on the wave.

Visible marks on the deck for optimal positioning of the hands and elbows.
To catch waves both hands are placed at the front.
To turn left, keep your left hand in front (hand, elbows and shoulders aligned, arm at 90 °) and move your right hand along the rail right up the middle of the board.
Align your left leg with the left rail to keep going left.
Do the opposite to go right.

Recommendations for avoiding chafing and having the best grip on your board.

You should be lying flat on the bodyboard when catching waves.
Be sure to wear a long-sleeved anti-UV top or a wetsuit to avoid chafing on your arms and torso.
For a good grip on the bodyboard, it is recommended to apply wax (can be bought separately in our surfing department) on the top, especially on the visible marks on the deck of the board (hands / elbows) and on your stomach.
Repeat this operation before each session.

Inflation procedure (see instructions attached to the product).

To inflate the bodyboard, empty the bag and unroll the bodyboard, with the valve on the top.
1- Unscrew the outer plug of the bag valve (the other part of the valve must remain screwed in position). Connect the black hose to the bag valve then to the bodyboard valve.
2- Position the bag vertically and close the end by rolling to enclose as much air as possible.
3- Inflate by pushing hard on the bag, while gradually rolling it up.
4- Repeat this operation once or twice.

How can I check that the bodyboard is sufficiently inflated?

When it is no longer possible to add more air in the bodyboard, either by rolling or by pressing intermittently, the bodyboard is sufficiently inflated.
It is normal and necessary that the sides and deck of the bodyboard remain soft. It is also normal if a few folds appear on the sides.
One good way to check that the bodyboard is sufficiently inflated is to bear your entire weight on the bodyboard, when vertical: It should remain straight, without folding.

Deflation procedure

Here's how to deflate and store your 100 inflatable bodyboard:
- Put the bodyboard on the ground, with the valve on top, and open the valve plug
- Press the valve button to expel as much air as possible
- Starting at the rear, roll up the bodyboard and continue to intermittently expel the air
- Once the bodyboard is completely rolled up and deflated, close the plug and put the strap around the rolled up bodyboard
- Avoid the presence of sand.

What to do if the valve leaks?

Valve leaks are generally caused by the presence of sand, which must simply be removed.
Partially deflate the bodyboard and leave it to dry (it is easier to remove dry sand than wet sand).
Use a pump to blow onto the valve and to remove the grains of sand by pressing the button (blowing by mouth can work, but risks making the sand wet).
In all circumstances, the plug must remain airtight.

Safety and behaviour rules for the water - Part 1.

Bodyboarding is a fantastic sport, but one that requires everyone to respect certain basic rules to preserve the safety and enjoyment of all.
1- Ask questions and observe the characteristics of the spot: current, rocks, tides, the size of the waves and the crowds, etc.
2- Don’t overestimate your level, and go for an easier spot if your skills aren’t on par with the conditions.
3- Use suitable equipment: Leash, fins and board in good condition, suitable wetsuit.

Safety and behaviour rules for the water - Part 2.

4- Respect the rules of right of way on the waves: Right of way goes to the person closest to the peak.
5- Follow the direction of the wave when moving towards the peak to keep from cutting another boarder off.
6- Use fins if the water is above your hips.
7- If you’re not using fins, it’s recommended you keep to a supervised area. Lifeguards can tell you where these are.
8- Bodyboard in a group.

Do not expose to direct heat.

When not in use, keep your bodyboard out of the sun or temperatures >50°C.
Therefore, deflate your bodyboard when not in use or put it in the shade under a parasol to stop it from heating up.
Never leave it in a car in direct sunlight.
Exposure to excessive heat can result in splitting, detachment, or even deformation of the board.


This product has been designed for extra strength when in use and over time. However, signs of wear (splitting/holes) can be repaired using an inflatable stand-up paddle repair kit. These kits are available online and in our stores.


RADBUG is the Decathlon brand dedicated to bodyboarding and bodysurfing.
Our ambition is to enable the greatest number to enjoy the incredible sensations you feel when bodyboarding and bodysurfing.
This sensation of gliding when in contact with the wave is pure, exhilarating and addictive.
We have set ourselves the mission of enabling everyone to get started and make progress by offering products that are easy to use and innovative.


2 years


Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main fabric 100% Polyvinyl Chloride


Protect and carry in a cover. Do not leave in direct heat when not in use. Rinse and dry in the shade after use.

User Restrictions

Waves less than 1 metre high. Fins recommended.


Developed by our design team of bodyboarding enthusiasts in Hendaye (France), this product has been tested and approved by real beginners, but also by intermediate and advanced users. The components used for this product are laboratory tested to ensure the best possible quality and durability.

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