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We designed this putter to make the golf ball roll.

Suitable to child's build from 11-13 years old measuring from 1.40m to 1.55m. Putter with large alignment lines makes it easier to target the hole.

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    Products benefits


    Putter shape selected for its forgiveness (forgiving off centre impacts)


    Easy to line up thanks to two large white lines on black finish

    Technical information

    Product story

    The putter is an essential club. Most golfers on a course will hit 36 strokes with their putter compared to 14 with their driver!
    We have therefore paid special attention to the construction of putter 100 to offer golfers starting to play the game the right level of forgiveness for their first course and first time putts.
    We preferred this shape because it is more forgiving on mishits.

    Inesis design process

    We designed our putter range to meet your playing needs (easy to line up, forgiveness...)
    INESIS is a team of golf enthusiasts that thanks to your feedback, further develops each product so that playing golf is always a source of enjoyment.


    30" or 76 cm


    2 years

    Product concept & technology

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