Kids' Light and Flexible Shoes
Kids' Light and Flexible Shoes
Kids' Light and Flexible Shoes
Kids' Light and Flexible Shoes
Kids' Light and Flexible Shoes
Kids' Light and Flexible Shoes
Kids' Light and Flexible Shoes
Kids' Light and Flexible Shoes
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Kids' Light and Flexible Shoes




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Product Description

The AT Flex trainers have been designed for kids to wear for their sports activities and for running, jumping and playing.

These light, comfy trainers are easy to put on, making them perfect for your child's activity-filled days, whether running around the track or playing with friends.

Products benefits

Heel to toe drop

Zero drop means that kids get a more natural stride, as if they were barefoot.


Because of the flex grooves, the shoe flexes with your foot as you run.

Non marking sole

The sole won't mark sports hall floors.


If your child works up a sweat, the mesh will let their foot breathe.


The risk of slipping is reduced by the rubber patch underneath the entire sole


Only 162 g in size 2½!

Technical information

What are 0 drop shoes?

On shoes, the drop is the height difference between the front and rear of the sole. Scientific studies led by our research laboratory (SportsLab) has demonstrated that a 0 drop gives a more natural stride, similar to running barefoot. This natural stride helps your child better absorb the impacts of running and strengthens their tendons and muscles over time.

What about the natural stride?

To encourage a natural stride that's as close as possible to running barefoot, the Flex Run shoe is based around 4 criteria:
- Zero drop and good flexibility so that the midfoot contacts the floor first, rather than the heel.
- A low weight for a smoother stride
- An anatomical shape to limit the amount that the shoe restricts the foot

The result is that, when you contact the floor, the energy is transferred to the muscles at the back of the leg, which are better at absorbing vibrations

Designed for kids...based on their parents' feedback.

Our team designed these shoes around the needs of young athletes and feedback from their parents:
- The rubber patches all along the sole make it grippier
- The laces and strap ensure that your child's foot is correctly supported
- The reinforcements at the front and rear of the upper provide extra support and protection

Why choose shoes that let your child's feet breathe?

Our research laboratory, SportsLab, has shown that kids' feet sweat much more than adults' during exercise.
This is why all of our running shoes are made with breathable fabric (mesh) on the upper. It wicks away perspiration and stops unpleasant odours from developing. This fabric, which is lighter than synthetic leather, is more comfortable for running!


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Lining and sock of 100% Polyester Upper of 80% Polyester, 20% Polyurethane Outer sole of 60% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, 40% Butadiene Rubber


To maintain the durability and lifespan of your shoes, we recommend air drying them.


Driss, our test engineer, tested these shoes with a group of 10 kids. He ran a 2-hour session during which they ran, threw and jumped on a range of surfaces such as grass, asphalt and sports hall floors. They particularly loved how comfy and how light they were, which meant they could run faster. They also loved the rubber patch that stopped them slipping, the good fit and support, and how easy the laces were to do up.
This test complements those completed in the lab and allows us to validate our products.

Maintenance advice

Hand wash

Do not tumble dry

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