Kids' Skipping Rope - Pearls

Ref. : 8667234

Slip this skipping rope into your kids' backpacks for fast fun during mid-day breaks. The little extra: Colourful beads!

A timeless toy for outdoor fun! This skipping rope is perfect for burning off excess energy while having a great time! Perfect for all ages - the length is easy to adjust!

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Products benefits

Abrasion resistance

A highly durable skipping rope, even when used outdoors.


Easy to adjust to the height of your child. Max. length: 2.4 m

Ergonomic grip

The ergonomic handles enable better grip.

Technical information

How to adjust your skipping rope

To determine the correct length for your skipping rope, place one foot in the middle of the rope and lift both handles up alongside your body: the handles should come up to your shoulders. Cut off the extra rope and jump!


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Handle 52% Thermoplastic Polyethylene, 48% Polyethylene Rope for climbing 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane

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