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Kids’ Warm, Waterproof Hiking Boots SH100 Warm Leather Riptab 7 - 2
Kids’ Warm, Waterproof Hiking Boots SH100 Warm Leather Riptab 7 - 2
Kids’ Warm, Waterproof Hiking Boots SH100 Warm Leather Riptab 7 - 2
Kids’ Warm, Waterproof Hiking Boots SH100 Warm Leather Riptab 7 - 2
Kids’ Warm, Waterproof Hiking Boots SH100 Warm Leather Riptab 7 - 2
Kids’ Warm, Waterproof Hiking Boots SH100 Warm Leather Riptab 7 - 2
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Kids’ Warm, Waterproof Hiking Boots SH100 Warm Leather Riptab 7 - 2




pacific blue / dark cinnamon / carbon grey


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Product Description

The design team wanted these boots to take up a challenge: To design THE winter hiking boot that will adapt perfectly to the city.

An extremely warm and waterproof eco-designed boot. Their leather upper and finish give an urban look while keeping all the technicality of a hiking shoe.

Products benefits


Comfort temperature: -4°C Limit temperature: -13,5°C


Breathable, waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry.


SNOWCONTACT technology: optimum grip/traction on snow.

Easy dressing

Easy to put on thanks to the rip-tab adjustments.


Kids’ Warm, Waterproof Hiking Boots SH100 Warm Leather Riptab 7 - 2
Kids’ Warm, Waterproof Hiking Boots SH100 Warm Leather Riptab 7 - 2
Kids’ Warm, Waterproof Hiking Boots SH100 Warm Leather Riptab 7 - 2

Technical information

Can you be sure that your boots are warm enough for your winter hikes?

We perform comparative studies carried out in a thermal laboratory, in walking conditions in light winds (5km/h). This is how we measure the thermal resistance of our boots. However every individual feels the cold differently.Comfort temperature: felt slightly cold & 70% of users find the thermal sensation acceptable on their feet.
Limit temperature: felt very cold & 10% of users consider the thermal sensation acceptable on their feet.

How do your boots protect you from outdoor conditions?

Your boots are designed with a membrane to guarantee waterproofing and breathability. A membrane is a very fine component (5 to 25 micrometres) affixed to the inside of a fabric that prevents water from entering while allowing moisture to escape.

How to maintain my leather shoes, Nubuck style?

- Leave to dry, away from any heat sources
- When the leather is dry, brush it with a hard brush (horsehair and brass fibres) to remove any mud and dirt.
- Use a crepe brush or suede eraser to remove stains.
If stains persist, clean with a brush and a little warm water, and leave to dry.
- Brush again with a stiff brush.
- Spray with a waterproofing product. This will make the leather shine and brighten up the colour.

Eco-designed product

We developed this product with an eco-design approach.
The inner lining is dope dyed: Textile dyeing requires a lot of water but also produces waste water from the dye baths.
To reduce the environmental impact, we have opted for mass pigmentation (also called Dope Dye), integrating the colour pigments from initial thread manufacture.
The outer sole is made from 30% recycled rubber.

Breathable boots for optimal thermal comfort

Thermal comfort is a balance between the warmth of the boots and its ability to let the foot breathe. Too much heat or not enough breathability means that damp accumulates and cold can set in. We have designed your boots with your activity in mind, be it occasional or regular, with a membrane which prevents water ingress and lets damp out.

How can I be sure that my boots are 100% waterproof?

We made sure that your boots are waterproof by conducting laboratory tests to simulate walking with the boots half submerged in water. We also conducted field tests to measure wear and ageing. During the waterproofing test, we test 3 levels of waterproofing: 2000 flexes (approx. 4 km walk), 4000 flexes (approx. 8 km walk) and 8000 flexes (approx. 16 km walk). This model of boot has been tested for up to 4,000 flexes, which is equivalent to 8 km of walking.

What is the difference between traction and grip?

The traction of the boots depends on the number and shape of the studs. The grip is dependent on the materials of the sole and the tread pattern, like the tyres of your car. Traction optimises propulsion, prevents the boot from slipping backwards when going uphill and stabilises the boot.
Grip prevents the boot from slipping and skidding on smooth ground or in demanding conditions (rain, snow, ice) by giving the sole grip.

How does the SNOWCONTACT technology used on the boot sole help me?

SNOWCONTACT soles are made with a specific component and stud pattern that is designed to ensure the best possible grip and traction. SNOWCONTACT soles are more effective than traditional soles on snow. When walking on ice, the only way to ensure optimum safety is to add anti-slip grips to your boots.

Will your boots withstand regular use over the long-term?

Our engineers conduct laboratory tests to ensure that the product fully complies with your satisfaction in use. Our verifications include the following elements: tearing eyelets and straps, gluing, toxicology, UV resistance, abrasion resistance of outsole and upper components, accelerated ageing.

How do I choose the right footwear for snow hiking?

To be well equipped in winter, we recommend that you follow these guidelines : Warmth: warmth provided by a warm pair of socks (ideally containing a suitable percentage of wool)
Breathability: Choose the sock according to the intensity of the hike and make sure you wear a breathable model to minimise moisture.
Boot height: adapt the height of the sock to the height of the upper and preferably choose high models if you want more protection.

How to preserve the technical qualities of my boots?

A fabric's water repellent property is its capacity to make water run off its surface without seeping in. This prevents the fabric from soaking up water and keeps it lightweight, warm and breathable. The water repellent property is achieved by treating the fabric's exterior. This treatment needs to be renewed during the lifetime of the garment. Products (spray or liquid) for this purpose are available in our stores.

How does my product warranty work?

This product is guaranteed for 2 years from the date shown on the sales receipt. A product covered by the warranty will be exchanged free of charge. The warranty covers product defects, excluding those resulting from normal wear and tear and improper use.


2 years


UK 9.5C EU28 : 0.493 kg
UK 10.5C EU29 : 0.52 kg
UK 11.5C EU30 : 0.53 kg
UK 12C EU31 : 0.546 kg
UK 13C EU32 : 0.568 kg
UK 1 EU33 : 0.6 kg
UK 1.5 EU34 : 0.615 kg

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Upper of 60% Leather - Bovine - Split, 30% Polyester, 10% Polyurethane Outer sole of 100% Synthetic Rubber Lining and sock of 100% Polyester


Store your products in a well-ventilated room away from light and moisture.


Our team of designers is based at the foot of Mont Blanc, in the Haute-Savoie region (France). All year round, our designers create and develop products that are appealing, simple, and technologically advanced. These are then ruthlessly tested in the field because we believe that the only way to continually improve is to test the products under the real-life conditions that you will experience.

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