Kanergy Running Compression Sleeve - Black

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Our designers, who are runners themselves, have designed this leg sleeve to improve your performance by reducing muscle fatigue.

The KANERGY leg sleeve has been designed to reduce muscle fatigue during intensive runs.


Kanergy Running Compression Sleeve - Black
Kanergy Running Compression Sleeve - Black
Kanergy Running Compression Sleeve - Black

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    Products benefits


    Reduces muscle vibration, fatigue and cramps.

    Anatomic design

    Right and left leg sleeve for a superior fit.

    Moisture management

    Material absorbs and wicks perspiration away

    Technical information

    How to select your size

    To optimise the effectiveness of the leg sleeve, take different and precise measurements around the larger of the calves and select the matching leg sleeve size.
    size 1 - calf circumference: 30 / 34 CM ( 11.8 / 13.38 IN )
    size 2 - calf circumference: 34 / 38 CM ( 13.4 / 14.96 IN )
    size 3 - calf circumference: 38 / 42 CM ( 15 / 16.51 IN )

    How to slip on the leg sleeve

    Slide your leg sleeve over itself going from the calf down to the ankle.
    Using both hands, stretch your leg sleeve out to the side to get it over your foot and roll it carefully up the leg from just above the ankle joints.
    Adjust the leg sleeve so it is just below the knee, ensure the material is evenly spread around the calf with no folds along the leg*.


    * If you still can't get the leg sleeve right above the ankle joint and just below the knee, priority should always be given to the fit below the knee.

    Level of pressure:

    There is between 14 mmHg and 23 mmHg of pressure. The pressure is lowest at the heel (12 +/-2 mmHg) and highest on the calf (21 +/-2 mmHg).


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