Kiprun Strap Thin Socks - Pink

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Our runner-designers designed this sock to hold your foot firmly from the ankle to the mid-foot when in motion.

The Supportiv technology places pressure at just the right place so that your ankles are more stable to prevent sprains.

Color : Fluo coral pink/Midnight purple

Kiprun Strap Thin Socks - Pink
Kiprun Strap Thin Socks - Pink

Size Size Guide

  • UK 2.5-3 EU35-36 Online stock 45
  • UK 4-5 EU37-38 Online stock 0
  • UK 4-5 EU37-38 Online stock 10
  • UK 5.5-6.5 EU39-40 Online stock 123
  • UK 7-8 EU41-42 Online stock 278
  • UK 8.5-9.5 EU43-44 Online stock 157
  • UK 10.5-11 EU45-46 Online stock 63

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    Products benefits

    Joint support

    Pressure on the ankle for better stability.

    Reduced chafing

    Special yarns reduce the risk of blisters at the toe and heel.


    Comprehensive size range for precise sizing and elasticated strip.

    Moisture management

    Material absorbs and wicks perspiration away

    User comfort

    Socks specially adapted for left and right feet, special seam at the toe.

    Technical information


    Sold in pairs.

    Thread used in the heel and toes.

    The component used in the heel and toe is a polyamide thread that is twisted with a second PTFE-coated polyamide thread to reduce the risk of blisters.


    The elastic weave applies just the right amount of pressure around the ankles for optimum ankle support to reduce the risk of a sprain.Unlike the thick strap sock, it is much finer with only one layer.


    2 years

    Product concept & technology

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