Lockable Pull-Up Bar - 100 cm

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Our passionate weight training team designed this pull-up bar for easy bodyweight workouts at home.

Want a bar that's quick to put up? Try our Pull-Up Bar: it can be installed without any screws for an upper body workout in a flash.

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Products benefits


The bar can hold a load of up to 100 kg without screws and 120 kg with screws


Build up your back, arms and abs with a single accessory!

Easy assembly / dismantling

Install and remove the bar easily with the tool-free mounting system.

Compact design

Easily store the bar under a bed or in a closet.


Lockable Pull-Up Bar - 100 cm
Lockable Pull-Up Bar - 100 cm
Lockable Pull-Up Bar - 100 cm
Lockable Pull-Up Bar - 100 cm
Lockable Pull-Up Bar - 100 cm
Lockable Pull-Up Bar - 100 cm
Lockable Pull-Up Bar - 100 cm
Lockable Pull-Up Bar - 100 cm
Lockable Pull-Up Bar - 100 cm
Lockable Pull-Up Bar - 100 cm
Lockable Pull-Up Bar - 100 cm

Technical information

A pull-up bar designed for both you and your home.

With the Pull-Up Bar, our design team has created a bar that adapts to your home instead of the other way round!
With its press-in installation system, there's no need to drill holes in your wall to set it up.
The patented bar-lock system lets you work out safely. The result: stronger back muscles with your holding deposit back to boot!
Please note: do not install this bar against drywall.

How to install your pull-up bar

Without screws: Start by adjusting the length of your bar by turning the two bar ends.
Then, tighten the central part of the bar to make the final adjustments.
To ensure your bar doesn't come loose during use, slip the blue ring into one of the two notches.
You can do pull-ups on either side of the bar without worrying.
With screws: drill holes at the desired height, using a level to check that they're even, and insert the screws and tips.

What are the dimensions of the pull-up bar?

The pull-up bar extends from 95 cm to 120 cm
The blue end pieces are 4.7 cm in diameter

What exercises can you do with a pull-up bar?

For strength training and bodybuilding, a pull-up bar lets you work your upper body using suspension exercises: biceps, back, shoulders, pecs and even abs. Doing pull-ups in an underhand position (palms towards you) works your biceps. An overhand position (palms away from you) will give your back a stronger workout.
And for your abs? Use the bar to do leg/knee raises.

Pull-ups for beginners

Lifting your own bodyweight is often one of the first challenges when doing bodyweight training. Beginners can start with resistance bands which allow users to adjust the bodyweight needed during their workout.
Once you are able to do pull-ups, you can then wear a weighted vest to increase the difficulty!


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More About Product

How to set up a lockable pull-up bar


Need help with your exercises?

If you are a beginner to bodyweight exercises, you can use our elastic Training Bands to help you do pull-ups.
The higher the resistance, the easier the exercise.


Want to increase the intensity of your exercises?

If you want to amp up the intensity of your workouts, you can use one of our 5 kg or 10 kg weighted vests.

You can also use a weight training belt to add even more weight.


Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Frame 80% Steel, 15% Dry Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, 5% Thermoplastic Polyurethane

User Restrictions

Max weight: 120 kg with screws
100 kg without screws

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