Men's Golf Soft Glove Right-Handed - White
Men's Golf Soft Glove Right-Handed - White
Men's Golf Soft Glove Right-Handed - White
Men's Golf Soft Glove Right-Handed - White
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Men's Golf Soft Glove Right-Handed - White




Snow white


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Product Description

Our golfing designers developed this glove for intermediate male players (15 to 30 handicap). It is worn on the left hand if you are right-handed.

Does wearing a glove make you lose all feeling? Contrary to popular belief, this dual-material glove provides plenty of feel, with maximum durability.

Products benefits


Synthetic component on the back of the hand

Puncture resistance

Leather panel on the palm makes the glove longer lasting.


Leather for a "second skin" effect


Excellent grip handling thanks to natural leather

Technical information

How to choose your glove

Our Soft glove, recommended for intermediate golfers (15 to 30 handicap), will give you good feedback during the game whilst providing great durability. It should fit your hand like a glove!

Sophie, product manager, explains then dual-material design choice

"We chose to design this glove with leather and polyurethane so that we can offer you a wider range of colours while retaining the softness and flexibility you are looking for during your round."

It's the details that make the difference

The palm of the hand is not white by chance, we intentionally decided not to do anything to the leather in terms of colours so that you can retain maximum flexibility and softness when putting on your glove

Glove care, an important subject

Do not machine wash your glove. Leave it to dry on a flat surface without stretching or bunching up. It is normal for the glove to lose flexibility with use but as soon as you put it back on, the warmth of your hand will relax the leather.

Inesis design

We develop our products so that you can play your game in comfort whatever your skill level. Our team of golf enthusiasts design each INESIS product after having observed and listened to users, to make golf always synonymous with enjoyment.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Palm 100% Leather - Ovine (Sheep) Back of the hand 100% Polyamide Coating 100% Polyurethane Wrist 100% Polyester

Maintenance advice

Do not wash

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean

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