BACK girdle is used to support and relieve lower back pain. Designed to be lightweight, easy to use and comfortable to wear, it provides optimal support.

Supports lumbar muscles evenly, achieves a balancing effect and protects lumbar muscles
Reduce scoliosis caused by muscle imbalance
Maintain the normal curvature of the lumbar vertebrae and reduce spinal problems caused by lumbar vertebrae misalignment
Stably maintain support for the waist and avoid bending over
Double-pull design fits snugly against the back

Breathable anti-sweat and antibacterial fabric
BACK lumbar girdle reduces the risk of injury, provides stability and high flexibility, and provides safe support for a variety of activities.

Lower back pain should subside immediately and usually over the course of 2-3 weeks, but we recommend exercising/stretching while using the back brace for maximum results

Back support brace features an integrated dual pull system that allows you to adjust the circumferential pressure around the body to suit your needs
This provides maximum comfort, the slim-fitting Back Brace remains invisible under clothing, is lightweight and comfortable

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Nylon, spandex, foam board

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