MalleoTrain S Ankle Brace (Right Side)
MalleoTrain S Ankle Brace (Right Side)
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MalleoTrain S Ankle Brace (Right Side)


Ankle support for lightweight protection during everyday life

Color: BLACK

Ankle support for lightweight protection during everyday life


[Your invisible helper to regain mobility]
After an ankle injury or in case of weakened ligaments, you need help to move your recovery forward, step by step by step. This is where MalleoTrain S provides just the right kind of support: an elastic, yet firmly fitting Train knit fabric exerts intermittent pressure with every movement, thus stimulating sensors in the skin and muscles. This helps your nervous system to control your leg muscles more effectively. A system of different elastic straps provides additional stability, which is wrapped around the ankle in a figure eight to act like a tape bandage.

[Fit again fast]
Simultaneously, the intermittent compression massage described releases tension and stimulates circulation. The gentle pressure on the painful tissue alleviates the sensation of pain with its massage effect.

Most importantly, however, the MalleoTrain S helps your ankle to help itself: now it’s important that you stay active and strengthen your muscles. MalleoTrain S has no pads and fits so tightly that it will even fit in narrow, lightweight shoes. This allows you to start physiotherapy and normal everyday activities early on: after all, being active is key to good health!


  • Ligament instability
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Mild sprains
  • Supination prophylaxis, especially when playing sports

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