= W 158/163 CM (62.20/64.17 INCH)
= X 83 CM (32.68 INCH)
= Z 88 CM (34.65 INCH)

= W 163/168 CM (64.17/66.14 INCH)
= X 88 CM (34.65 INCH)
= Z 92 CM (36.22 INCH)

〔Technical Details〕

Top quality design and expertise from Beuchat, the inventor of the modern diving suit.
-Special exclusive pattern designed in France.
Pre-formed anatomical cut.
Neoprene and elastane UV50+, great ease of dressing and undressing.
Colors matched with Maxlux S masks, Spy snorkel and Play fins.
*High quality Beuchat finish *

Beuchat quality and craftsmanship embodied in meticulous detailing and finish.
Extra comfort and more freedom of movement

Ultrastretch neoprene for improved comfort.
Cut designed to offer extra flexibility.
Pre-formed anatomical cut.
Pre-formed for greater ease of movement.
〔Technical Features〕
Type: Wetsuit
To use: Warm or temperate waters
Material: Jersey inside

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