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The Focea Comfort series is known as one of the best wetsuits in the world

Color: BLACK

The Focea Comfort series is known as one of the best wetsuits in the world

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  • The Focea Comfort range has been acclaimed as the finest diving apparel in the world. Now Beuchat?s new Focea Comfort 5 offers even more improvements in terms of comfort, warmth and resistance!
  • Maximum comfort thanks to its anatomical cut, high quality pre-forming, ultra-soft Elaskin neoprene, Flex System and Free Flex Zone
  • Maximum warmth with its Fireskin lining and the Water Dam System (Beuchat patent) to prevent the inflow of water
  • Maximum resistance with Supratex 2 kneepads plus further reinforcements at the shoulders, legs and seat.


  • Black trimmed with light blue zips

〔Anatomical cut〕

  • Exclusive new high quality pre-forming for an anatomical cut ensuring maximum comfort, protection and ease of movement.
  • 44 panels and 20 different neoprene grades

〔Flex System 2〕
Flex System 2: pre-forming, with special wide embossing at articulations for greater freedom of movement (inside the elbows and behind the knees)

  • Relative to the Focea Comfort 4: the Flex System 2 more than doubles the area covered by the Focea Comfort 4 Flex System to provide more comfort
  • Seamless stretch panels at articulations to reduce abrasion (armpits, inside elbows and behind knees)
  • High quality pre-forming for the curvature of the lower back and crotch to give a snugger-fitting anatomical suit
  • Lower back stretch panel
  • Elaskin 8.8 stretch panel in the lumbar region offers improved flexibility around the rear zip fastener for improved comfort especially when bending down to prepare and/or fit equipment, especially out of the water.

〔Free Flex Zone〕

  • The Free Flex Zone located around the shoulders and the back ensures flexibility at the junction of the torso and the arms to offer greater freedom of movement.


  • Fireskin is a warm, water repellent fabric with a specially structured weave that offers a high degree of thermal protection.


  • Reinforced seat
  • PU Black Shield protective panels on the shoulders, legs and seat


  • Smooth inside collar giving a better seal with micro-adjustable closure by a non-aggressive elastic Velcro fastener that does not stick to the jersey or stitching
  • Zippered double wrist and ankle seals incorporating a reversible inner seal with a jersey lining and smooth neoprene exterior
  • 45° notches on the inner seal edge-bonding seam to provide more elasticity and strength during dressing


  • Large zipped neck opening (longer zip than on the Focea Comfort 4) fitted with an Elaskin gusset incorporating an anatomical cut on the hoodless one-piece for better comfort
  • Large G-Lock plus back zip with metal slider and embossed Water Dam System cover for a better seal (Beuchat patent)
  • Zipped wrists and ankles
  • Neoprene reinforcements at the ends of all the zips to avoid any risk of tearing should the sliders be subject to undue force

〔Finishing at extremities of zips〕

  • Neoprene panels bonded edge-to-edge with outer and inner overlock
  • Outer seal edges bordered for greater strength
  • Inner seal edges notched for improved flexibility

*/Universal computer holder〕

  • Original Beuchat system designed to hold the dive computer in place on the suit, particularly during deep dives (system compatible with all dive computer models)
  • Original Focea Comfort hologram
  • Positioned on the right forearm

/Technical Features/

  • Type: Wetsuit
  • To use: Cold water or temperate
  • Neoprene: Elaskin X 8.8
  • Reinforcements: Supratex 2
  • Flex System
  • Fireskin
  • Water Dam System
  • Universal Computer Holder
  • Hood Holder
  • High Quality Preformed
  • Material: Jersey inside
  • Norme: 7mm : EN 14225-1 CLASS A (Temp. 7 - 12°C) - 5mm : EN 14225-1 CLASS B (Temp. 10 - 18°C)

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