• Deeply effective vibration massage
  • Up to 11 hours battery life
  • Combines massage with vibration
  • Improves tension and loosens the musculature
  • Increases mobility
  • Level 1: 40 Hz
  • Level 2: 30-40 Hz (sinusoidal oscillating vibration)

Deep vibration
The BLACKROLL® RELEAZER is a patented therapeutic fascia massage device for the treatment of fascia and muscles. Using targeted pressure, massaging movements, and a deep-acting vibration massage, even severe adhesions of the fascial tissues can be smoothed out. The BLACKROLL® RELEAZER combines the technology of myofascial (self) massage with the advantages of vibration. The RELEAZER has two easily adjustable vibration levels: The simple static vibration (40Hz) and the wave-shaped oscillating movement (30-40 Hz) for training heart rate variability (HRV). Both types of massage improve the elasticity of the tissues and support blood circulation. The effect is more intensive for the oscillatory movements, however. The intensity of the massage can also be regulated using the different treatment surfaces of the RELEAZER. The RELEAZER has two different shapes of convex sides and two edges. As an introduction to RELEAZER massage, we recommend the convex sides, and after longer experience with the BLACKROLL® RELEAZER, you can try the more intensive edges.

The RELEAZER is suitable for both static and dynamic massages. The static massage releases points of stiffness. To do this, exert even pressure at the point of stiffness three times, then move to the next point. Dynamic use targets smoothing of the fascia. The movement can be carried out slowly or quickly. A faster movement leads to a more superficial massage effect in the upper layers of tissue. Moving more slowly allows you to achieve a greater depth effect with the massage.

Developed by pain therapist Christopher Gordon
The RELEAZER was developed by the well-known pain therapist Christopher Gordon (CIT). Gordon invested many years in the development of the perfect fascia massage tool. A clinical study conducted in 2015 (randomized, double blind, standardized), presented at the Fascia World Congress in Washington, clearly demonstrated its therapeutic success.


  • Can accelerate general recovery.
  • Massively increases perfusion in the tissues treated.
  • Supports cell recovery.
  • Improves the elasticity and capacity of the tissues.
  • Significantly improves mobility.

Useful information

  • Hygiene
    Alcohol should not be used to clean or disinfect
    Product Features
    2 vibration levels (static and oscillating)
    11 hours battery life
    4 treatment surfaces (2 edges, different convex sides)
    Wooden surface made of high-quality solid wood
    Delivery includes an application DVD
    The battery can be charged from a computer using the included USB cable

  • Production
    Made in China

  • Scope of Delivery
    1 x BLACKROLL® exercise card
    1 x power supply
    1 x USB cable
    1 x operating instructions
    1 x quick start guide

  • Size & Weight
    60 cm x 3.7 cm x 5 cm, 884 g

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