Flash Reflex (FRX) Training works well for much more than Sports & Fitness Training, the training was originally only used by professional athletes, but it requires a vast space and more complex and expensive equipment.

Today, we have Blazepod! Blazepod is a new sports attitude, which uses visual prompt, prompting you to challenge the limits of your own speed and response, enhance your training. Costumers can use our App to review athletic performance, it is accurate to every second of time, to show your improvement.

*This product does not include cable straps and suction cup accessories, which need to be purchased separately

Rechargeable Li-ion battery / up to 12 hours of operation on a single charge / Space saving Smart Stack & Charge Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication / With immediate smartphone pairing

Warrenty: One-year (Warranty only apply to Blazepod Flash Reflex device itself, other consumable items cannot enjoy warranty service)
Product Size: 22cm x 22cm x 11cm
Product includes:
•BlazePod x 6pcs
•Cone adapter x 2pcs
•Functional adapterx 4pcs
•Suction cup x 2pcs
•Strap x 2pcs
•Pod Base x 2pcs
*Except for the 6pods, there is no warrenty provided to other accessories.

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