• German IF Design Award
  • TOG AWARD 2019 won the gold award
  • Taiwan patent has been obtained
  • Using an innovative rotation method to reduce the carrying volume
  • Five active safety protection design
  • Enhanced firepower version in 2021, fully upgraded to 2.8 kW
  • For Outdoor Use Only

〔Safety Concern〕

  1. The stove frame is linked to prevent the gas tank from being put into the device: the stove frame must be opened to release the gas tank from being placed in the locking device to avoid incorrect use of the stove frame.
  2. Avoid the use of protective devices for oversized pots: The protective device will automatically rise when the stove is opened to prevent the wrong use of oversized pots or bakeware, which may cause the danger of explosion due to high temperature and overheating of the gas tank.
  3. Gas switch knob press protection device: You need to press the gas switch knob first, and turn the knob counterclockwise to start the ignition device.
  4. Gas tank overpressure protection device: When the pressure of the gas tank rises abnormally, the overpressure protection device will separate the gas tank from the valve body automatically to prevent danger caused by overpressure.
  5. Safe storage and unloading device: The gas tank must be taken out during storage to return to the storage position.

Kooke stove
Gas consumption: 160g/hr
Firepower: 2.8 kW
Expanded size: 403612cm
Folded size: 321012cm
Weight: 1.75kg
Weight tolerance: 20kg

**The gas tanks of the brand in the picture are for display purposes only.

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