Inspired by the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers’ smash hit song “Under the Bridge” in 1991. The lyrics express the feelings of loneliness in times of adversity, just like the training-runner’s mood, even if you’re giving everything but it may still not goes as you want, even though it’s hard, we are all the same under the bridge, lonely yet not alone.


LIFE RUNNER Collection
Infused with street elements and fantastic craftsmanship to strike the best balance in life and running
each item has its individual character.


◾ Uses 100% organic cotton produced in an eco-friendly way.

◾ Each tee is hand-distressed by artisan for vintage look and style.

◾ Light-reflective printing for safety when running at night.

◾ Dropped shoulder oversized fit with hem fringe on the side makes the overall proportions look good and stylish.

◾ Ultralight information washing label won’t scratch the body, you can also flip to hide it.

◾ Hidden small pocket can hold banknotes, credit cards etc.

◾ FLIPPOS’s classic graphic design tag can be reuse as a coaster, also the package is reusable.


◾ 100% Cotton

Washing & Care

◾ We recommended that the best washing method is hand washing which could extend the use life for the products.
◾ lease wash the dark and light colors separately.
◾ Please do not use bleach, fluorescent whitening agents, clothing softeners and avoid immersion in functional detergents for too long.
◾ FLIPPOS recommend to place the product into a laundry bag when machine washing.
◾ The water temperature should be below 30 °C
◾ After washing, please hang to dry / lay flat to dry in the shade product as soon as possible
◾ Do not let it wet to avoid staining of clothes; please dehydrate at a low speed, do not dry clean to avoid shrinkage of clothes
◾ Some materials may need to be ironed with a low-temperature pad, and the temperature should not exceed 110°C
◾ When wearing, please try to avoid contact and friction between clothing and accessories, bags and other objects

Technical information

  • main material cotton
  • level of practice all levels
  • condition new

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

100% cotton

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Technical information

main material


level of practice

all levels