The Cube 7
Fun instability training for everyone

Who says instability training has to be intimidating? Our latest (and smallest) addition, The Cube 7, is 50% lighter than the FX Boba 13–making it the perfect tool to have fun working out. Although primarily designed for seniors and beginner lifters, The Cube 7 is also your ally to hit your body-weight training goals. Challenge yourself to do more reps and push-ups anywhere, anytime without burning yourself out. Made with superior damage-resistant neoprene, you can lift, squat, press, and just have a good time, without worrying about leakages and tears. Start your instability training journey with The Cube 7 now.

Perfect For:
● Beginner lifters
● Seniors
● Yoga and pilates fans
● Low impact workouts
● Home workouts (

Product Details:
● Up to 7 kg adjustable water weight
● Dimensions: 26x14cm Diameter
● Easy-stabilizing with less water movement
● Comes with air pump and instructions
● 30-day return policy
● High-grade inflatable PVC: 100% leak-proof
● Withstands up to 100kg body weight
● Damage-resistant neoprene on the inside, protected webbing on the outside
● Deflate and pack easily with one-click push valve
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Caution: Improper use may cause injuries

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