Head Yoga Rollar is using the user's own weight for fulcrum, it can effectively stimulate deep muscles and body points, also easily achieve relaxation of the fascia and muscle tension as well. Suitable for strengthening warm-up before exercise, relaxing muscles after exercise, or stretching, massage and lymphatic at anytime. It can also help you to drain toxins from the body and relax.

Head Yoga Rollar used high quality technology, so the product's pressure resistance and the supporting is very high. It is durable for using. Besides, It is useful for comprehensive massage of the whole body, and easy to carry and collect, is definitely a good helper in life.

Main Features of Yoga Rollar

● Use their own weight to do fulcrums, stimulate the underlying muscles and acuity points, to relax and soothe the fascia and muscle tension

● Helps eliminate the fat and moisture that accumulates on the body and helps the training area become tighter and slimmer

● Can be used as a muscle training exercise aids, to assist for doing simple core muscle group training, effective for burning fat

Selling point

● High quality technology, durable for use

● High level of anti-pressure and supporting, not easy to deform

● One piece can massage the whole body in a comprehensive way, easy to carry

● Effectively reduce the soreness after exercise

When should we use Head Yoga Rollar?

● Before exercise, it can help us to relax the fascia, activate the whole body muscles and strengthen the warm-up effect

● After exercise, effectively relax and massage the muscle groups that can prevent the painful feeling on next day

● Anytime and anywhere, whether it's used to speed up blood circulation in your free time or to relax after hard work, it's also great

Product dimensions: 60cm length,15cm diameter

No Warranty is provided for consuming goods.

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