[Product Features]
-Power setting: it is tiny but its power can reach the depth of 8mm, which is similar to a professional one. Switching in 3 strength levels provides the most suitable massage experience.
-Noise-free: designed with the WHISPER technology, it is super quiet with just 55dB.
-Different massage heads: made of skin-friendly material, they can cater to different areas and needs.
-Convenient to use at any time and anywhere: with type-c cable, it can be charged by USB and portable power bank at any time and anywhere..

[Product Information]
Net weight: 450g
Power: 5-96W
Battery capacity: 2550mAh
Charging time: about 5 hours
Use time: 1.5-10h

[4 Replacement Massage Heads]
Flat head: suitable for relaxation and shaping of all parts,
Round head: suitable for massaging large muscle groups such as buttocks, thighs, etc.
Particle head: suitable for massaging the neck, spine, tendons, etc.,
Tapered head (*the old version does not have this model): suitable for massaging large muscle groups such as chest, back and legs

Product concept & technology


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