Measure the circumference at the largest part of your calf. Choosing your calf compression tight size
Size S/M: 30-38cm (12-15 in)
Size L/XL: 38-45.5cm (15-18in)
• When to wear compression calf tight - Wear it just before exercise for faster warm up; During exercise to prevent injuries of calf muscles; After exercise for faster recovery; During a long flight to relieve lower leg; When your job requires you to stand most of the time.
• Anti-Odor Yarn – Air Covered Yarn (ACY) inherent silver micro particles maintains the natural balance of the skin and reducing unpleasant odors in the calf tight. Run longer and race more.
• Moisture Wicking Fabric - Remains fresh and dry as sweat can be evaporated easily through the most advanced mix of intelligent polyamide yarn. Thermal Regulation is achieved as sweat evaporates quickly.
• Special Design Ribbing Patterns – Front and back pattern designs to improve circulation of shine area and to provide ultimate support to calf muscles respectively against muscle vibrations & tears during exercise.
• Breathable Comfort - Superior fabric with natural cotton touch for ultra-comfort.
Ideal for nurses, food & beverages industry professionals, athletes
• Made in Taiwan

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

76% Nylon, 12% Lycra, 12% Anti-Odor Yarn


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