Power band 208cm x 6.35mm (Yellow) - 5lbs-15lbs
Power band 208cm x 6.35mm (Yellow) - 5lbs-15lbs
Power band 208cm x 6.35mm (Yellow) - 5lbs-15lbs
Power band 208cm x 6.35mm (Yellow) - 5lbs-15lbs
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Power band 208cm x 6.35mm (Yellow) - 5lbs-15lbs




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Product Description

PÄRZT power band is a versatile tool for adding resistance to stretching, lifting, and bodyweight training exercises. Ideal for assisted pull ups and dips.


PÄRZT power band can provide you with a variety of effective exercise methods, which can easily exercise your arms, back, legs and hips. It is very suitable for provincial resistance training and physical therapy to help strengthen ligament strength and muscle strength. Suitable for learning stretching, pilates, weightlifting, yoga, gymnastics, and for physical therapy.

PÄRZT power band is also know as Assisted Pull-up Band, Heavy Duty Resistance Band Sets, Stretching, Powerlifting, Resistance Training and Pull Up.

***5 different colors for different strength levels of resistance. ***

  • Yellow: Extra Light 5-15 lbs
  • Red: Light 15-35 lbs
  • Black: Medium 25-65 lb
  • Purple: Heavy 35-85 lbs
  • Green: Special Heavy 50-125 lbs

It is recommended to exercise from the smallest resistance. As you become stronger, you can switch to a heavier power band.

The pull-up resistance band is very compact and takes up almost no space. You can bring resistance to the work area, gym, park, etc. You can exercise anytime, anywhere. You can even hang them on your hooks after you exercise, or roll them up and store them in your tote or box. It is also the best gift for friends and relatives.


  • Before each use, check the bands or tubing. Replace if there is any tears or nicks.
  • Recommend to secure band to a stationary attachment point.
  • Wrap around hands and feet firmly to avoid band snapping back.
  • Perform exercise slowly and in control of the movement.
  • Avoid sharp objects when using bands or tubing.
  • Protect your eyes when doing resistance exercise.
  • Do not elongate bands or tubing more than normal exercise use.


  • Bands or tubing can be washed with gentle soap and water.
  • Do not overstretch band or tubing than normal exercise use.
  • Store away from sunlight or heat.

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