The PolarYak Spectrum handheld massage gun is an impossible compact solution for athletes alike that will enable them to perform impressive massage techniques from virtually anywhere. The device works by being turned on to immediately begin the massage process, which includes four modes that range from 1800RPM to 3200RPM. The unit will deliver up to 270 minutes of use per charge and can be recharged thanks to a USB-C port.

The PolarYak Spectrum handheld massage gun weighs in at just 485 grams and is small enough to be carried almost anywhere to make it ideal for use at the gym or even when traveling. The device is also focused on a quiet operation to prevent disturbances from causing an issue for those around you.

Product Brand : POLARYAK
Product Name : SPECTRUM
Model No. : WSB59
Material : ABS
Rated Input : 5V 2A
Working Time : 4.5 hours
Number of Applicator : 4
Accessory : Nylon hand strip, Type-C USB cable, User manual, Carrying Bag
Battery Capacity : 2400mA/h, 25.92Wh
Battery Rated : 10.8V
Speed : Max. 3200 percussions per minute
Vibration Frequency:

  • Leve 1- 1800
  • Leve 2- 2100
  • Leve 3- 2500
  • Leve 4- 3200
    Weight : 1 lb / 485g
    Size : 95mm x 139mm x 50mm
    Stall force
    Min: 5kg (11lbs)
    Max: 10kg (22lbs)
    Stroke : 6mm
    Noise : 40dB - 60dB

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