• FOR POWER BOATS: Designed for power boats and features 2 different mounting options
• BUILT-IN COMPENSATOR: Deviation compensator so that you always can keep a steady course
• BUILT-IN ILLUMINATION: Enables night navigation
• CURVED LUBBER LINES: Clear scales and quick readability from multiple angles
• PROTECTIVE COVER: Keeps your compass safe from outer damage

100NBC/FBC is a marine compass designed for powerboats with multiple mounting options. It has a main steering scale on the horizontal part of the compass rose and direct reading on the vertical edge.

This compass is ideal for boats with either a sitting or standing helmsman. The compass features a built-in illumination in the adjustable protection cover and three lubber lines for multi-angle reading. The built-in deviation compensator allows you to adjust the compass if it is disturbed by a misleading magnetic field.

100NBC/FBC comes with two different mounting options that make it possible to mount the compass in a bracket at multiple angles or as flush/bulkhead at any angle.

Double scales – ideal for sitting or standing helmsman.
Built-in illumination that enables night navigation.
Built-in compensator that adjusts when deviated.
3 Lubber lines – enables reading from different positions.
Protective cover – protects and prolongs the life of your compass.
Designed for power boats.
2 mounting options – bracket or flush/bulkhead.

Accuracy: ± 0,5° (8.9 mils)
Apparent card diameter: 105mm
Built-in compensator: Yes
Card type: Cone
Compatibility: Powerboats
Dimensions: 130x146x95mm
Gimballed cradle: Yes
Heeling angle: Roll: 30° Pitch: 30°
Heeling angle scale: No
Illumination: 12V., Red
Lubber lines: Centre and 2x side view at 45°
Magnetic zone: Magnetic north
Material: ABS, Acrylic
Memory ring: No
Mounting: Bracket, Flush/bulkhead
Mounting angle: 0° to +110°
Protective cover: Yes
Temperature operating range: -10°C to +70°C
Weight: 1082g

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