Balance with SWISS FX CBD.
Fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply and wake up feeling fully refreshed.
Let go of pain, relax your joints and recover faster after your workout.
Calm your mind, relax completely and meet the challenges of life with a strong spirit.

Our product range for Asia has been carefully formulated to be free of THC and CBN to be legally fully compliant and provide our partners and customers complete ease of mind. In the spirit of full transparency, we provide third-party laboratory certificates which not only confirm the point above but also confirm the CBD content of our products.

The hemp plants for our SWISS FX Oil are organically grown in Switzerland and certified by the Bio-Suisse institute. We only use natural agents in our agriculture and therefore our products are free of pesticides or chemical fertilizer residue.

We use 100% organic MCT coconut oil as a carrier in our oils which provides for a pleasant
and smooth taste.

• 10ml bottles with 500mg Organic CBD. 2mg per drop

• Yields around 250 drops

• 100% natural ingredients without colorings or preservatives

• Rigorous laboratory analysis on every product batch

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