-South Korea's Vibro 4D magnetic insoles use patented technology to provide magnetic pressure relief and arch support.
-Helps massage the meridians of the soles of the feet, assists foot circulation, and relaxes foot pressure!
-Comfortable EVA bottom pad, elastic and breathable, increases shock absorption and support, and enhances wearing comfort!
-Heel protection pad, special foam material improves heel stability, reduces impact and protects heel!

-Help your feet maintain correct posture
-Provide to correct posture and walking as align the ankle, knee, hip, waist, back, shoulder, neck by ideal arch support
-Maintain optimal foot balance with targeted compression
-Ideal arch pad for support
-The insole is built with a patented new technology "vibration chip" that generates magnetic vibrations through walking or running. Therefore, this creates vibrations vertically throughout the feet and legs, which are felt throughout the body at a frequency of 10–15Hz. This helps with pain relief and blood circulation.
-Help the pain relief and blood circulation
-No need to use batteries, just operate by walking. It offers lightweight and environmentally friendly vibration for permanent use.

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矽膠, 布料, 振動芯片

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