Unique feature: steer by trimming the balance
Extremely smooth in the water, thanks to the hulls, which are optimised for rowing. Plenty of speed with just a little wind. A short mast and generous size sail (90.5 ft²) gives a lot of safety. And it is fast: Force 1-2 = 10 kph, Force 2-3 = 20 kph, Force 4-5 = 28 kph thanks to the lightweight hulls, the light overall weight of 75 kg (XCAT + sailing rig) and a unique mainsail that generates a very high power with its ingenious loop system.

Stable in heavy winds, fast in light winds. Full speed ahead.
The XCAT combines versatility, portability and performance in a way that no other boat on the market can.
Harness the winds with the XCAT Sail or row for fun and fitness with our innovative forward-facing RowVista or rear-facing RowMotion rowing systems. The XCAT opens up a whole new world of adventures.

A winner of SAIL Magazine’s 2017 award for Best Daysailer, the XCAT is engineered to endure any challenge including some of the world’s top boat races.

XCAT Sail Innovations
The XCAT Sailing model has everything you need to start harnessing the wind. Both sails and all the rigging are included. We strongly recommend the Sailing Equipment Set to take your XCAT sailing experience to the next level.

Fully battened square-top mainsail creates a lot of power. This sail is looped onto the mast for easier mounting and so it can be stowed still attached to the mast while rowing.

Large laminated window in the genoa allows for safe navigation regardless of what tack you are on.

Forestay is cleated at the mast step. This allows you to drop the mast while on the water for easy passage under low bridges and powerlines.

Trampoline is made of a Textiline mesh that automatically tensions when the trampoline is installed. This prevents the need for tedious and time consuming lacing.

Color coded and marked trampoline speeds up assembly by removing the guesswork. Shroud blocks and shrouds are marked with their respective red and green coloring. The positioning for the genoa and mainsheet blocks are marked on the center beam.

Full length hull keels afford leeway resistance to the XCAT without the unnecessary draft of daggerboards or a centerboard. The boat will float in 6 inches of water!
XCAT Sail Technical Specs

Boat Specifications
Overall Length :16' 5" (5M)
Overall Width :6' 1" (1.85M)
Height: 16' 9" (5.1M)
Total Weight: 165 lbs
Sail Area (Jib + Main) : 8.4 m2
Mast Length : 14' 9" (4.5M)
Crew Size : 1-3 People
Carrying Weight : 529 lbs
Hull Material : HDPE
Keel Type : Full-Length Keels

Packing & Assembly Specifications

Bag for Trampoline/Mast
8' x 6" x 6"
Bag for Crossbeams
6'6" x 15" x 10"
Assembly Time
~12 mins
Trailer Needed : No
Tools Required for Assembly :No

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