NECKVEST Inflatable swim vest, pink

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Designed for children who want to discover the very first swimming movements with a very high level of buoyancy, also suitable for discovering snorkelling

The Neckvest swimvest slips on like a swimming vest and allows children to discover swimming movements under the constant supervision of an adult.

NECKVEST Inflatable swim vest, pink
NECKVEST Inflatable swim vest, pink
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    Products benefits

    Buoyancy aid

    Certified 20 newtons EN 13138-1 with reinforced buoyancy at 50 newtons.

    Easy dressing

    Once inflated, the Neck Vest slips on like a swimming vest.

    User comfort

    The interior weld joins around the neck are folded over for greater comfort.


    Two independent inflation chambers. Start by inflating no. 1 then no. 2

    Technical information

    Learning to Swim encourages the psychomotor development of young children.

    Nabaiji offers 3 experiences: Discovering the water, Discovering swimming and Discovering underwater.
    This inflatable vest forms part of the "Discovering swimming" experience: The children cannot swim yet but are comfortable in the water, use their arms and legs and need a lot of freedom to enjoy their experience.
    They will start to learn the first movements of swimming from a vertical position to a more oblique position. They still need a high level of buoyancy

    Secure fastening system

    Vest equipped with 3-point buckle to prevent the child from taking it off themselves.

    Recommendations for use

    Do not over-inflate the product.
    For use under constant adult supervision.
    Age 3-6 years (18-30kg)

    Product weight

    About 250 g


    2 years


    Product concept & technology

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