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Our hiking designers designed this NH550 waterproof jacket to accompany your regular hikes, in the rain in the forest or on the coast.

Our motivation? Offering you a hiking jacket with effective protection! Waterproof, breathable and equipped with 7 pockets, this technical jacket offers a resolutely modern style.

Color: ochre yellow

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Products benefits


Waterproof 8000 mm H²O mm (Schmerbers), standard JIS 1092 L standard

Freedom of movement

Asia Fitting jacket, Slit in the lower back that promotes freedom of movement


Total 7 pockets, enough space to save person stuff


Breathable fabric enable the comfortable wearing(RET=12)

Easy opening / closing

Puller at the end of each zip, easily open your jacket and pockets

Technical information

Cut and Fitting

Upgraded version of Asia Fitting fit enable plenty of freedom of movement during your hikes.


Laboratory tests are conducted to guarantee the waterproof rating of a component. To this end, the resistance of a fabric is measured by the height of a water column in mm (JIS 1092 Lstandard).
The higher the water pressure, the more waterproof the fabric.
This product's component has a 8,000 mm waterproof rating and can withstand the pressure of a 8,000 mm water column. This is also equivalent to 8000 Schmerbers.


A fabric is water repellent when it allows water slide over its surface without seeping in. The fabric does not soak up water and therefore remains lightweight and breathable. The water repellent property is achieved by treating the fabric's exterior. This treatment needs to be renewed during the lifetime of the garment. The water-repellent property can be reactivated by putting the jacket in the tumble dryer for 10 minutes on low heat.

Complete pocket system

This jacket has 7 pockets in total. 2 side pockets, 2large exterior bellows pockets closed with a flap and a snap button. An exterior chest pocket and an interior pocket, both closed with a zip to secure your personal belongings. An interior mesh pocket to store your gloves.


Component breathability is measured by its thermal evaporative resistance (RET).
This is its capacity to let water vapour generated by the body during physical activity escape and therefore avoid water accumulating on the skin.
The lower the RET, the more breathable the fabric.
RET ≤ 6: very breathable fabric
RET ≤ 12: breathable fabric
RET ≤ 20: not very breathable fabric
This product was assessed at 12 RET

We have reduced our environmental impact on this product

This jacket optimises the consumption and weight of the main component, and use the recycle material fabric, This reduces the environmental impact of this product.

How to choose your waterproof jacket based on your practice and your sporting intensity?

During a sporting effort, we sweat more or less depending on the intensity or length of the practice time. If the breathability of the fabric is not adapted to the sport practice, the perspiration vapor condenses inside the jacket, and then we are wet inside: it is not because of the rain that penetrates, but the vapor of perspiration that condenses.
Therefore you must choose your jacket according to your type of practice. This jacket is designed for a two-hour hike at a maximum pace of 5km/h.


Our hiking jackets and raincoats are guaranteed for 2 years. Our targets is to continually provide the durable products which can accompany you for the nice hiking experience

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main fabric 100% Polyamide Lining 100% Polyester Secondary lining 100% Polyester Hood lining 100% Polyester


We suggest you to always ensure that this jacket is completely dry before storing it.


Our design team design this product in France, at the foot of Mont Blanc, and launch this Quechua products.
We test these products in the laboratory and in the field with other hikers to ensure their comfort and waterproofness no matter in the forest, on the coast or in the countryside, in good or rainy weather, we go on as many trails as possible.
All of these practices and exchanges allow us to know your feedback and then anticipate our future collections.

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