OWS 500 Swimming Buoy for use in Open Water

Product Code : 176431 8484007

Designed for Signalling equipment for open water swimmers. The buoy can also be used to rest when the swimmer is tired or has cramp.

The essential buoy for surface signalling for open water swimming. Features an inner pocket for personal belongings. There is a whistle attached to the buoy.

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    Products benefits


    The bright orange colour is easy to spot.



    Outer net pocket for small objects and inner pocket.



    Buoy shaped to glide on the water once inflated.


    Ease of use

    Belt to attach the buoy to the waist

    Ease of use

    Easy transport

    The strap allows the buoy to be carried easily like a bag or a rucksack.

    Easy transport

    Technical information

    Safety during open-water swimming:

    When swimming in open water, you are strongly advised to use a buoy so that boats and the rescue services can find you easily. The buoy can also be used to rest when the swimmer is tired or has cramp.

    OWS 500 Swimming Buoy

    This buoy is designed for your open water swimming sessions. It is easy to spot, with its bright orange colour. A whistle is attached to the buoy so that you can make your presence known with an audible signal, if necessary. There is an inside pocket where you can put personal belongings and carry them with you during your open water sessions.


    Uninflated: 40 cm x 75 cm
    Inflated: 30 cm x 55 cm
    The belt can be adjusted from 75 cm to 125 cm
    The strap can be adjusted from 50 cm to 90 cm

    Product concept & technology


    Store in a dry place

    Product Composition

    "Inner fabric : 100.0% Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Outer fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES)"

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