Pilates Mat Comfort 900 - 180 cm x 70 cm x 20 mm - Black

Ref. : 8851737

At 20 mm thick, this is our thickest mat and therefore the most comfortable. It's like doing your Pilates and low-impact workouts on a little cloud.

Our size L mat (180 x 70 cm) is our biggest and thickest, keeping you completely comfortable throughout your Pilates sessions. Lie back with peace of mind. Use barefoot or in socks.

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Products benefits

User comfort

Thickness and size designed for optimal comfort.


This mat is heavy enough to stay put.


Pilates Mat Comfort 900 - 180 cm x 70 cm x 20 mm - Black
Pilates Mat Comfort 900 - 180 cm x 70 cm x 20 mm - Black
Pilates Mat Comfort 900 - 180 cm x 70 cm x 20 mm - Black

Technical information

Dimensions of your 900 pilates mat

- Length: 180 cm
- Width: 70 cm
- Thickness: 20 mm
- Weight: 1.95 kg.

A 900 mat for keeping taller people comfy

This mat is specially designed to keep you comfy! At 20 mm thick, it's the thickest, spongiest mat in our Pilates range. It's 180 cm long and 70 cm wide so that anyone can lie down on it comfortably.
In your bare feet, you'll be exceptionally comfortable for all of your low-impact workouts. Just make sure not to fall asleep!

Take care of your Pilates mat to make it last longer

Your Pilates mat is designed to be used barefoot. If you wear shoes, it could wear out more quickly.
To clean it, simply dampen a cloth with soapy water and wipe your mat with it.
And leave it to dry fully, out of the sun, before putting it away.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Foam 80% Foamed Nitril Butadiene Rubber, 20% Foamed PVC


We recommend storing your mat in a clean, dry place away from heat sources (radiators, heated floors, sunny windows, etc.) and lacquered or varnished surfaces.


To guarantee the quality of your mat, we subjected it to a rigorous round of tests. You should also know that the mat is made from materials that are guaranteed to be free of harmful substances.

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"A very good product, used every day so far. I haven't had any technical issues with this mat. I'd recommend this product," says Jean-Samuel, one of our users.

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