Recovery Compression Sock - Black

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We designed a compression sock to promote recovery after sport so that you are better prepared for your next outing.

Need an easy and effective solution to reduce the feeling of heaviness in your legs after training or competition? The compression is ideal! Socks that can be worn throughout the season.

Color : BLACK

Size Size Guide

  • 35/38 M Online stock 3
  • 39/42 M Online stock 3
  • 5.5/8-39/42 L Online stock 3
  • 43/46 M Online stock 3
  • 8.5/11-43/46 L Online stock 3

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    Products benefits

    Ease of use

    Recover without any effort. Socks tailored to each foot.

    User comfort

    Extra thickness under the foot for greater comfort.


    Perfect before and after sport, as well as on long trips


    Technical information

    When should I use my compression socks?

    Compression socks can be used before or after a sports activity.
    For optimal use after sport, wear them as soon as your exercise is over, for a minimum of 1h30min.
    It is also perfect for long car, train or plane trips.

    How to choose your size

    Firstly, choose your foot size, and then choose your size according to the circumference of your calf.
    For optimal performance, measure the circumference of your biggest calf accurately and choose the corresponding size:
    size 1 - calf circumference: 30 / 34 CM (11.8 / 13.38")
    size 2 - calf circumference: 34 / 38 CM (13.4 / 14.96")
    size 3 - calf circumference: 38 / 42 CM ( 15 / 16.51 IN )

    How to put the sock on?

    Roll up the sock to the heel.
    Place it gently on your foot, making sure that the heel is properly positioned.
    With both hands, stretch the sock widthwise to place it over the ankle, then unroll it carefully over the leg. Make sure the heel stays properly positioned.
    Adjust the sock right under the knee, distribute material evenly on the calf ensuring there is no fold along the leg.

    How to optimise my recovery

    For optimal recovery after exercise, do not hesitate to use a recovery drink, protein bars, massage accessories, compression or electro-stimulation in addition to your compression socks.


    2 years

    Product concept & technology


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