Roll-on massage tool

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We have designed this roll-on massage tool to make self-massage easier. It enables deep massage by simply pressing with your hand.

Relax your muscles with massage!The roll-on hand-held massage tool can be used on many parts of the body: calves, thighs, pecs, neck, etc.Son plus : easy to slip into your bag.

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Products benefits


Perfect for calves, thighs, pecs, neck, etc.

Ease of use

Allows self-massage.

Easy transport

Its small size allows you to take it everywhere.

Technical information

How do I use the roll-on massage tool?

The roll-on massage tool can be used after sport or to relax.It allows you to massage muscles, knots and trigger points by pressing with the hand.For an effective massage, we recommend at least 5 minutes massaging each muscle group.
You can massage yourself right after a workout, that night or even the following day. And even if you haven't actually done any sport!

What are the dimensions of the roll-on massage tool?

Height:65 mm
Diameter: 68 mm

Other tips to optimise recovery?

For optimal recovery after a workout, feel free to use your roll-on massage tool with a recovery drink, bars, protein bars, a massage ball, a foam massage roller, compression shoes or an electro-stimulation session.

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main part 100% Resin Bed base 100% Polypropylene

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