Run Dry + Men's Running Shorts - Mottled Grey

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We designed these shorts for men running in warm weather.

Run connected with your smartphone pocket! These light, breathable shorts will quickly become essential for your running sessions.

Color : Pale grey

Run Dry + Men's Running Shorts - Mottled Grey
Run Dry + Men's Running Shorts - Mottled Grey
Run Dry + Men's Running Shorts - Mottled Grey
Run Dry + Men's Running Shorts - Mottled Grey
Run Dry + Men's Running Shorts - Mottled Grey

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    Products benefits

    Moisture management

    The material absorbs and wicks away perspiration.

    Moisture management


    Has a smartphone pocket that protects it from body moisture.


    Quick drying

    Synthetic fabric, dries quickly.

    Quick drying

    Technical information

    Perspiration wicking

    You stay dry throughout your run with these shorts. Your perspiration is absorbed and dries quickly. There are also wide ventilation sections on the sides.


    These shorts have a zipped pocket for carrying a smartphone (maximum dimensions 78 mm * 160 mm). They are designed with a waterproof component to protect the smartphone from the body's perspiration. Earphone cables can be fed through by closing the zip.
    These shorts also have an inside waist pocket for carrying your house or car key safely.

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    2 years

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