Shoes 100 I Move - White
Shoes 100 I Move - White
Shoes 100 I Move - White
Shoes 100 I Move - White
Shoes 100 I Move - White
Shoes 100 I Move - White
Shoes 100 I Move - White
Shoes 100 I Move - White
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Shoes 100 I Move - White

Ref. : 8642295

Our partnered physiotherapist confirmed that these shoes respect the natural development of your child's feet. Both soft and flexible, they also guarantee perfect support.

Shoes designed to take your children on adventures and help them learn independence.Right/left labels on the soles.

Color: snow white / navy blue

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Products benefits

Respects the psychomotor development

Flexibility (soft outsole) and support (heel stiffener).

Helps to develop autonomy

Easy to slip on thanks to the wide opening. "Cloud" marking for left/right feet.


Non-slip outsole.

Water repellent

Fabric withstands light rain.

Non marking sole

Non-marking white soles, do not leave marks on the floor.

Technical information

Shoes designed for young children's feet

We carefully chose the materials for this shoe because we wanted to maintain maximum flexibility and lightness. This way, your child's feet can grow unrestricted and they can almost feel as if they're barefoot.Shoes that protect your child and let them move freely and naturally while taking their first steps.

Aids independence

The shoes' openings are wide, making it easy for kids and parents alike to put them on and take them off.
We added a cloud puzzle on the insole along with right/left labels on their outsoles because we want your child to enjoy their independence and to help them put on their shoes correctly. These shoes are a parent's best choice for boosting their child's development and a fun way for kids to grow

Which shoe goes on which foot? That's a great question!

Around the age 5 or 6, kids will begin to learn "right" and "left" and will understand how to use these concepts on their body.
We also wanted to include little tips on the insoles and outsoles to help kids put their shoes on the right feet.
A "cloud puzzle" on the insoles.
Two small paws that are greeting each other on the outsoles.

Which shoes should you choose for your child

From 3 to 6 years (sizes 4 to 7): beginning to learn to walk.Feet are flat, round and chubby: our I LEARN shoes are extremely flexible to support children's natural development.From 3 to 6 years (sizes 8 to 11): mastery of walking, running and jumping. The feet get stronger and more slender and the arch begins to form. Our I MOVE shoes are flexible and support the heel.

Choosing the right shoe size

Very easy to check the size. Remove the shoe's insole and put it on the ground. Place your child's foot flat on top of it, with their heel level with the back of the insole. if their toes are in the hatched area at the other end of the sole, it's the right size! Remember to regularly check their shoe size. Kids' feet grow fastest between the ages of 1 and 3 years: check our size guide on our website.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Upper of 100% Polyurethane Outer sole of 100% Styrene Butadiene Styrene Lining and sock of 90% Polyester, 10% Polyurethane

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