240mm Diameter Soft Ball - Blue

Ref. : 8736370

This ball has been created so that you can improve your positioning and intensify your strength sessions.

The Soft Ball, which you inflate using a straw, can help you improve your posture and activate your deep stabilising muscles, whether you're seated, standing or even lying down.

Color: slate blue / ice blue

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Products benefits


Improve your form, strength and stretching with a single accessory.

Compact design

Inflate it easily using the straw, and deflate it whenever you need!


240mm Diameter Soft Ball - Blue
240mm Diameter Soft Ball - Blue
240mm Diameter Soft Ball - Blue
240mm Diameter Soft Ball - Blue
240mm Diameter Soft Ball - Blue
240mm Diameter Soft Ball - Blue

Technical information

Why use the Soft Ball?

This ball can be used for stability training and to add difficulty to your fitness sessions. Rest on it when planking to increase your workload, or squeeze the ball between your thighs when doing glute bridges.


To inflate your Soft Ball, simply blow into the straw that comes with the product and it'll inflate instantly! Inflate the ball as much as you need for the comfort you want. Remove the straw and don't forget to plug the hole. You're ready to go!


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Small ball 100% Polyvinyl Chloride


We recommend storing your ball in a clean, dry place away from heat sources (radiators, heated floors, sunny windows, etc.) and lacquered or varnished surfaces.


To guarantee the quality of our soft ball, we run a battery of tests on it (especially to make sure it won't burst). You should also know that it was made with materials certified to be free of harmful substances.

Approved By

"Very good product! I frequently use it for doing strengthening and flexibility exercises for my back," says Gilles, a user of our soft ball.

Maintenance advice

To clean with a wet cloth..

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