Swimming Pool Large Kickboard - Blue Black

Ref. : 1433337

Our design teams have developed this board for swimmers who are starting out and are looking for buoyancy around their torso, to work on the lower body.

Need support during your exercises? This foam kickboard provides great buoyancy for swimmers wanting to have a support while working on their legs or while learning.

Color: blue

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Products benefits


Highly buoyant kickboard, ideal for users of all builds and levels.

Anatomic design

Kickboard with holes cut out for better grip.

Technical information


A kickboard is a piece of swimming equipment that provides the upper body with extra buoyancy. This makes it suitable for beginner swimmers and lets you work your lower body (buttocks, thighs, calves, core muscles) by kicking your legs.

Foam density

- Core: 34 kg/m3
- Skin 60 kg/m3


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main part 100% Foamed Polyethylene


Store the foam swimming kickboard in a dry place.

Maintenance advice

Rinse in clean water after use. Dry in a dry and ventilated place..

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