Trispot Archery Target Face x5

Product Code : 305111 8542788

We designed this target face for evaluating your performances thanks to its 3 stacked targets

Do you want to be able to get the measure of your shots whether you'd be at home or at the club? We have developed this product so that it is approved for competition use.

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    Products benefits

    Puncture resistance

    World Archery approved target face made from reinforced paper to prevent tearing

    Ease of use

    Can be stapled or nailed (not included) in every corner of the target boss.

    Technical information


    /!\ Never leave a bow in the hands of child that is not under constant supervision, store bow and arrows out of their reach
    /!\ Never shoot an arrow in the air, it can travel hundreds of metres
    /!\ Never take aim at: a person or animal, the shooting range must be clear
    /!\ Before each shot inspect arrow to check it is in good condition, remove your arrows when nobody is behind you
    /!\ Failure to follow safety instructions can lead to FATAL INJURIES.


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