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Looking for the best badminton rackets? Decathlon has a wide variety available to suit your playstyle. Do you prefer light, evenly balanced and flexible rackets? No matter light, evenly balanced and flexible rackets or heftier, head-heavy, stiff rackets, no worries, regardless of your experience level we can help you find one you’ll be happy with.
Badminton | How to Choose a Badminton Racket?
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How to choose a suitable badminton racket?
Weight, balance, and shaft flexibility are the most common metrics that dedicated badminton players go by when choosing.First you need to think about what type of player you are. Depending on your strength and comfort level, Decathlon provides rackets that will suit your playstyle.The more flexible the racket is, the more power it has, but the trade-off is less control; A racket with a heavier head helps the shuttlecock travel further if you have enough strength to launch it.

What does "U" mean in badminton?
“U” is the unit of weight (unstrung). 2U = 90-94.9g, 3U = 85-89.9 g, 4U=80-84.9g, and 5U=75-79.9 g. Rackets that weigh less than 85g are termed lightweight, and are the best rackets for new players. Some advanced players also prefer light rackets because of the faster swing speed and maneuverability. Heavy rackets are preferred by players who want greater momentum."G" is the grip size of racket. There are 5 sizes: G1, G2, G3, G4, G5. The bigger the number, the smaller the grip size. Choose the right size based on the size of your palm.

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