Find all kinds of Baseball caps , baseball bats, and baseball gloves at our store today! Looking to play a game of the classic American sport? Decathlon has a great selection of your favourite baseball products! Whether you’re just interested in a simple game of catch with friends and family and are looking for a nice leather glove, or if you’re aiming to play ball seriously with a team—Decathlon has all the baseball gear you need to play your best.

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    Baseball is a great full body cardiovascular workout that makes use of your heart, arm and leg muscles, as well as hand-eye coordination. When it comes to baseball equipment, three main items come to mind: gloves, bats, and of course balls.

    When searching for the right glove, consider the durability and quality of the leather, a glove that fits, and one that is suitable for your position. If in doubt, a multi-purpose glove can work for both in-field and out-field positions. We also have stylish and functional batting gloves!

    Next, you must have a proper bat to hit the ball with. But what kind of bat do you want? At Decathlon, we have a selection of classic wood, sturdy aluminium, and soft polypropylene bats. Regardless of the type of bat you choose, we help you measure your arm to find the correct bat length.

    Our team of experts will help you find the right baseball gear!

    The gift of sport