How to avoid injuries when playing basketball

Accidents and injuries often occur when playing basketball. Besides preparation, using the right basketball equipment and supplies can help you prevent and avoid injuries. Here are some prevention tips for you.


1. Stretch your muscle before and after playing

To prevent and avoid injuries while playing basketball, it's important to warm up. Completing a few stretches before and after playing basketball reduces the chance of muscle cramps and joint sprains.

2. Choose the right basketball shoes

Another prevention tip for basketball injuries is to wear a pair of basketball shoes. Playing basketball puts a lot of pressure on your legs, and all the jumping and running can lead to injuries like sprained ankles. However, wearing durable basketball shoes with enough support and non-slip soles can reduce the risk of leg and ankle injuries. They also help you, not to mention, play better. Since each person’s foot shape is different, you should visit a shop to try on different sizes before buying. This will help you find your perfect fit basketball shoes with all the support and benefits.


3. Wear appropriate clothing

Always choose clothing that suits the venue and weather. Wearing comfortable, convenient and functional sportswear can help prevent injury and discomfort. Don’t wear tight clothing in the summer to avoid heat stroke and ensure that you wear enough to keep warm in the winter. The best place to buy new, seasonal basketball clothing is at a specialty store. In addition, we recommend you to wear two pairs of sweat-absorbing cotton socks to prevent blisters caused by friction. Many people also choose to wear protective gear like compression sleeves when playing basketball to prevent joint injuries.