Squash seems to be an easy sport with a smaller court, but it requires a high level of skills in terms of technical skills, tactics and strategy, physical training and mental strength.


What is squash?

Squash is a racket sport developed by students at Harrow School in Britain, when they played racket ball against the wall at school. The sport later became popular.

Game rule

Squash is played by 2 (singles) or 4 players (doubles) in a 4-walled court. You receive a point when your opponent fails to return the ball. Each game is played to 11 points and the first who scores 11 points wins. A match is normally the best of 5 games, but sometimes might be 3.

Everything you need to start playing


The most prominent difference between various rackets is the shape. It affects the power and control your racket generates, and the size of sweat spot when you hit the ball. Usually there are 2 shapes, open throat and teardrop.


Open throat

- More feel and control for your shots but less power generated

- Suitable for advanced players who have enough power to handle the racket



- With a larger sweat spot, the racket is more forgiving and provides more power

- Suitable for beginners and training players


A squash ball is between 39.5mm and 40.5mm in diameter and weighs between 23g and 25g. There are 5 categories of squash balls (marked with coloured dots) which correspond to 5 skill levels.    

squash double yellow ball

Double yellow dot

The slowest ball with lowest bounce, used by advanced level to professional players.

squash red ball

red Dot

Medium bounce and speed are perfect for intermediate players wanting to improve.

squash blue ball

blue dot

Its high bounce will help you maintain a rally and enjoy the pleasures of squash.