Dragon boat 5 items starter pack!

Dragon boat festival is not the only season for paddling! Dragon boat is a sport that can be practiced all year round, no matter in winter chills, pouring rain or scorching heat! Let’s find out the 5 essential items for beginners in this sport, and start paddling together. 


Buoyancy aids or life jackets

 For safety reasons, it is best to wear buoyancy aid jackets during training. Make sure you have one that fits and is comfy to wear, to ensure freedom of movement.


Uv protection tops

You sweat a lot and can easily get splashed on when practicing dragon boat.  We recommend wearing quick-drying, breathable and UV-resistant clothing. Compared with loose cotton shirts that would increase fiction, light and fit clothes are preferred. Dragon boat paddling is a demanding sport, so it is important to dress light!

dragon boat

Men's sun protection top 


Women’s sun protection top 

Dragon Boat | 5 items starter pack!

Kid's sun protection top 


To prevent slips and cuts, it is not advisable to wear flip flops or go barefoot. A pair of proper shoes should come with an anti-slip and durable sole to protect your feet when training. 


Quick-drying caps

The big hard sun from above, sun rays reflecting off the water surface... All these may cause sunburn or discomfort to the eyes. That's why a light, and quick-drying cap is a must-have item for paddlers.


Waterproof bags

Before, during or after trainings, your personal belongings are likely to get wet. In that case, a light, easy to use waterproof bag is your best buddy. They can store dry clothes, snacks or food, and come in different sizes.

waterproof bag

These 5 items are all you need to enjoy paddling fun! Gear up and see you on the water!