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In addition to offering an extensive range of sports products, Decathlon prides itself on employing a team of passionate athletes to support you on your sports journey. Edmond joined Decathlon around 2 years ago and has worked in numerous roles in the running department. He used to be responsible for promotional events, and now spends most of his time working in procurement and sourcing suitable products for the Hong Kong market. As a sports science student, he enjoys talking to customers about their run experiences of running, because it enables him to gain a better understanding of their needs.

During the free long-distance running class that I organized, other than running training, I also talked about injuries and answered injury-related questions from beginners – I was really happy to help. As a track and field athlete, I love to follow the latest track and field gear.

Edmond fung

22 years old
Sport: Triple jump
Sport Leader at Decathlon Tseung Kwan O store

Edmond developed a passion for running since at secondary school. He first came into contact with the triple jump during Primary 6, and hasn’t stopped training ever since. He still trains 5 times per week – almost as much as a professional athlete. “The first time I tried triple jump was to help my school qualify for the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Competition. I hadn’t had any formal training – the coach had seen me do long jump before, so they invited me to join. I didn’t do very well, but I’m the kind of person who is motivated by failure. 

YourPartnerInSports- Adriaan Bouten

Despite ranking among Hong Kong’s less popular sports, the triple jump has given Edmond the opportunity to meet many like-minded individuals. “Hong Kong doesn’t have many triple-jump competitions – there are only around 20 of us on the scene, but when we’re not competing against one another, we keep each other motivated and have become friends over the years.” Edmond’s personal best in the triple jump is 13.82 m – as a teenager, he ranked 6th in Hong Kong, and his goal is to jump 14 m and obtain a place in the adult rankings.


Edmond's running gear choices:


Breathable running t-shirt

This lightweight, breathable and seamless running t-shirt designed for hot weather is made of anti-chafing material and knit stitch for increased comfort.

“I had a meeting with colleagues in France last year to find out more about the technology behind this t-shirt – the ventilation holes are placed in areas where athletes sweat the most. When I wore it to work, lots of customers told me how they liked the design.”


Men kiprun ultralight
running shoes

Designed for outdoor running and races, this ultra-lightweight and stable running shoe features a 6 mm heel-to-toe drop for better propulsion. 

Weighing just 200 g in size 9, it is the lightest model in the KIPRUN range, helping to reduce energy consumption and boost performance.


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